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What is the SERIES?

The theme is 'PLAYING LIKE THE PROS!' Youth players compete in 6 matches over two days (day 1, day 2).  Through a point-based ranking system, player standings are established at the end of each day.  After two days of matches, the top six ranked players go to Championships on day 3.  The SERIES is inspired by the ATP professional tour and the end-of-the-year finals.  The SERIES has ROGY (red, orange, green and yellow) ball divisions for boys and girls, and includes competitors from at least 4 different adjacent counties.

The SERIES is a biannual youth tennis tournament, founded in Fall of 2015, and held at the beautiful tennis courts of Columbia College, CA. Registration fee is for all days and championships if the player qualifies. For FAQs, please click here.

Dates for the 2018 Spring SERIES have not been set yet.  The format will be similar to our Fall SERIES.

SERIES Sponsors

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SERIES Results

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National Anthem at the SERIES

Each match day starts with a musical performance (singing or instrumental) of the National Anthem.

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