Just Ace It

Just Ace It's goal is to ignite and grow the love of tennis in Tuolumne County and beyond. Working closely with the community, schools, local sponsors and the United States Tennis Association (USTA), Just Ace It provides no or low cost tennis programming to our youth.  All organization and coaching under 'Just Ace It' is provided on a volunteer basis as a service to our community. Dr. Jacobs, founder of Just Ace It, is a recipient of the ACES 'Outstanding Volunteer' Award from the USTA and volunteers at Arthur Ashe Kids Day at the US Open in New York.

‘Just Ace It’ offers among many other things after-school tennis programs, youth tournament SERIES "Playing Like the PROS!" and Academy training for talented children, and acts as a liaison between the USTA and the community.  The vision is to make tennis widely accessible to our youth, who may enjoy the many and great benefits of this sport throughout their lives. 

The Park Foundation

In 2017, Just Ace It partnered with The Park Foundation to strengthen its programs and focus on building a sustainable foundation to continue to serve tennis to our community.  The Park Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity with an ambitious mission to develop a community park facility in the heart of The Motherlode for sports, recreation and the arts.  Features are being planned to accommodate a broad range of activities and interests to serve residents and guests of Tuolumne County. Through engagements, the park will build community cohesion and enrichment, especially focusing on youth.  Just Ace It is the first partner within The Park Foundation's organization, focusing on tennis and learning. 

Tennis is on Fire

‘Just Ace It’ was founded by Dr. Ron Jacobs in the Summer of 2012 when he recognized, while volunteering as a varsity high school coach, that exposure to tennis begins in high school for many of the students in Tuolumne County.  He wanted to change that and started ‘Just Ace It’.

Currently, tennis is on fire in Tuolumne County.  Serving tennis to the children, instead of waiting for them to show up at the tennis courts as freshman for the high school team, is a big game changer resulting in amazing turnouts with children playing together and having fun.

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Tennis Mobile

The Tennis Mobile is a unique presentation and delivery of tennis fun, which was realized through a collaboration between ‘Just Ace It’ and Sonora Ford.  

The Tennis Mobile is a Ford Transit Connect XLT Wagon donated by Sonora Ford.  The car is fully wrapped by T&C Signs of Sonora who donated their creative efforts and expertise.  Canavan Woodworks of Sonora donated a unique custom-designed shelving system for storing the many rackets, hundreds of balls, lots of portable nets, ball mower and ball machine.  The unique system even incorporated to house a TV screen for video analysis of tennis skills, which, along with the many stored rackets, can be pulled out from the back of the car like a kitchen spice rack.

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Testimonials • Community

  • “We are very pleased with the enthusiasm and high rate of student participation.  The early introduction of tennis skills is a valuable endeavor that will provide a life-long love for the recreational and competitive benefits of playing tennis.  It has no limit.  A person can enjoy playing tennis well into their senior years.”   Jeff Winfield, District Superintendent
  • “Something that had never been offered in the 29 years that I had worked at this school - a USTA instructor bringing rackets and balls and nets to our playground to teach 2nd and 3rd grade students the basic of tennis in a dynamic, fun and inspiring setting.  It has been a joy to see the lifelong sport of tennis presented to these active children."  Tom Dunlap, Retired Teacher
  • "Our community is so fortunate to have people like Ron Jacobs.  He tirelessly gives back to the community, and his love of tennis and seamlessly endless energy is contagious.  I’ve witnessed him helping kids in his summer tennis camp, Just Ace It, nonstop from 8AM-8PM.  Tuolumne County summer temperatures reach in access of 100 degrees at the tennis courts and Ron is as enthusiastic with the first kids of the day as he is with his last."  Larry Nieh, Lawab, Inc. / Twain Harte China House
  • “Serving Tuolumne County as a USTA Tennis Service Representative, I notably recognize ‘Just Ace It’ as widely responsible for building a valued and trusted bridge between the Tuolumne County School District, parents and volunteers to initiate new and exciting widely popular after-school tennis and education programs.”  Diane Brooks, Retired Tennis Service Representative USTA Northern California

 Testimonials • Parents

  • Thanks so much for this great program.  He [my son] is really enjoying it!”
  • “You are doing a fabulous job — my kids are absolutely loving it!”
  • “He loves it! He [my son] had me sign him up the first day it came out and looks forward to it each week.  He was bummed this week cause we didn't wash his shirt, but he understands we get busy.”
  • “Thanks for taking the time to offer this service to our kids in the community.  I am looking forward to the Jamboree.”
  • “I want to thank you for your efforts with him. Please know he [my son] refuses to join most groups but loves your program. It is truly a blessing for our family as he loves it!”​

Testimonials • Children

  • Thank you coach Ron for teaching us tennis.  It was so much fun.  I really like to play tennis.  Your car is cool. I like how there is a TV.  You have a lot of Wilson Stuff. I like Wilson too. I like the BIG racket.
  • You are very good at tennis. I am glad to have you as my coach.  You are a nice man.  Before I kew you, I did not have any interest in playing tennis, but now I LOVE tennis.  I play tennis with my dog when I get home and she likes it too. But when I think about it, she eats the tennis balls so I don't really know. I have a pink racket and pink tennis balls at my house.  I can do all the tennis tricks that you taught me.  I watch tennis movies at night.  I hope that I can do a lot with tennis balls like keeping them in the air for 100,000,000 seconds.
  • Thank you for doing tennis with us and teaching us all you know.  I wish we can do tennis again.  I like how you are showing us those cool moves.  Tennis is a little hard, but now we can get the hang of it.
  • Thank you for doing tennis with us and teaching us.  I don't want you to leave.  But if you come here again, I will play tennis.   You were so awesome.  I don't think there can be a better coach.  Thank you for the pizza and thank you for getting donations.  When it was Friday, you made my day very, very bright.  I will miss you very much.
  • Tennis was really fun!  I love playing it.  It is my favorite sport.  I really loved playing Bobsled and Toilets.  I am becoming better at tennis, and the good thing is I live right next to a tennis court so I can go and practice every evening.  I have collected over three hundred tennis balls, and now that I know how to play tennis, I can put them to good use!  I am going to miss having tennis on Fridays but, thankfully, I am in the tournament.  Thank you for coaching us tennis.  It was super fun!
  • Thank you coach Ron for letting me play tennis.  Before you came here, tennis was not a big deal to me.  Then we started to do it, I started to have fun.  Then I found out about the orange ball.  It was cool and so easy to hit.  I wish that you could stay forever.  It was fun with you here. Thank you Ron.